Are you a local business in San Diego? Have you been struggling to get organic traffic to your website? We have been in operation for many years and recognize how important it is to support other small businesses. We are in this together! We know how many hours and resources go into a quality website. The website at has been actively bringing in organic traffic, loyal clients, and quality leads since 2013. One of the most important factors in search engine optimization is quality backlinks.

Supporting another person’s success won’t ever damper yours. We hope to support local San Diego businesses through our Link Back Program. Backlinks from local businesses and individuals are extremely valuable for SEO because they represent a "vote of confidence" from one website to another.

You may be wondering, who is Alexander Pfleger Real Estate. This is a valid question. Alexander has been in the real estate business since 1989. He and his wife, Amy Pfleger, work closely with clients and prospects. Our reviews speak for themselves. Testimonials can be found on Google and on our "Meet the team" page.

Many people may think backlinks are an outdated way of getting organic traffic, but this is far from the truth. Let's support each other. To participate in this program, please email We can't wait to hear about your services, products, and business.

The link back program is simple. We will write a brief blog post linking back to our site for you to add to your website. In return, you can write a brief and effective blog post for us to post on our website. Below you will see the benefits of this program as well as the factors to qualify.

Benefits from Google include:

  • Improved Site Authority
  • Faster Indexing
  • Improved Organic Ranking
  • Increased Link Juice (votes from other websites)
  • Referral Traffic
  • Stronger Network
  • Bonus: We may even give you a shoutout on our newsletter

Before adding your blog post to our website, we will determine several factors:

  • Root Domain (no subdomains)
  • Domain Rating
  • Spam Scores
  • Organic Traffic
  • Anchor Text
  • The blog post must be relevant to your business and services.
  • Not a real estate or mortgage website
  • Reputable business in San Diego
  • Family-friendly business

No pressure. If we are not a good fit, that's completely ok.

Joke of the day: “What room in your house are zombies most afraid of? The living room.” —Ryan Fitzgerald

This is a picture of us from a school Halloween festival a couple years back. The Pfleger family thanks you for visiting our website.

Pfleger family photo