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We understand how important getting legitimate reviews from real clients are. We have provided just a few below. Please do not hesitate to ask for references as we will gladly provide them. Call 858-483-4687, email [email protected], or complete our simple form here. Read more reviews about Alexander Pfleger on Zillow by clicking here.

- "My roommate and I were looking to buy our first home and we could not have been luckier to find Alexander. As first time home buyers we were both unsure of precisely what we were looking for in a home but Alexander made the process extremely easy and pleasant. Not only did Alexander show us countless listings, he also took the time to teach us the many variables that go into looking for a home. This was particularly helpful as Alexander was able to balance the unique desires of both myself and my roommate. In the end we found a great home and were pleasantly surprised when we were able to close early in only three weeks. Alexander was able to both walk us through the home buying and mortgage loan process and was always readily available to speak with us and address our concerns personally, and with tremendous professionalism. Finally, during the closing process, he took all of the stress out of the process and always had the paperwork ready ahead of schedule. Alexander is the best and I fully plan on being a repeat customer!" - Julian L.

- "Alex is a pro. This was our first time buying a home and he hung in with us for nearly two years without ever pressuring us and gave us the space to find the perfect first buy. At the end of the search, we did not settle for anything but perfection and now are living in a home we love that appraised well above the purchase price at a rock bottom 30-yr fixed interest rate. We couldn't have scored in a bigger way and couldn't have done it without Alex. Real estate "consultant" is a better term for the service, expertise, and guidance he brings to the job. He also is one of the hardest working people I have ever partnered with. As a physician who spends my life in trauma and cardiac surgery operating rooms, I see extreme work ethics daily. Alex outpaced me. That's hard to do. It is obvious that he loves what he does, he is good at it, and that he can close a deal. What is unique about his approach is that he maintains a degree of decency, humility, optimism, and understanding that is hard to find in a pretty cut-throat real estate game. Some people get it. Some people don't. Alex is a natural. He gets it." - Ted S.

- "Alex Pfleger just sold our home for top dollar! But aside from that wonderful news, let me explain just some of the things that made Alex such a fantastic agent. Alex answered my phone call immediately and worked with our unusual situation; adult children and grandchildren living in our San Diego home and we live in Hawaii. So there was an always present time zone issue in our communications and Alex answered calls far into the evening so we could talk after I got off work. Alex didn't start pressuring us to sign a listing agreement; instead he came over to the house we were selling in San Diego and began to offer us suggestions on how to stage it; little things that we had not considered. In the end, all of those suggestions made a huge difference in how well the house showed. After our kids moved out of the San Diego house, Alex went over and spent hours cleaning the house. We still had a deep clean done by a professional, but he did the initial clean on it, voluntarily at no charge. Alex pre-listed the house on Zillow to gauge interest at our asking price and we adjusted it just a bit downward when it actually hit the market officially. It was only on the market a couple of days and we had multiple offers. This was a situation where we could have lost a lot of money on that sale because we hadn't owned the house for even two years. We had spent 2 years improving the house and putting in many upgrades. In the end, Alex got us the best deal we could have imagined on the house, providing us with peace of mind that we weren't going to lose our shorts on that house!! Skillful negotiator! The buyers gained from our loss, but Alex kept our losses to a minimum and far exceeded our expectations. Alex kept me calm and told me repeatedly to "Let me do the worrying. I will take care of everything" and he was right. When the staging items left the house, Alex went back over and cleaned the house again for the new tenants. He handled everything from staging ideas to the congratulatory email that our house was sold. Alex has a beautiful family and is dedicated to his community, his job, his customers and his wife and children. It is so refreshing to deal with someone who cares about so much more than just making a dollar. He cares about everyone involved and is fair. He is honest and a pleasure to work with. By far, the easiest transaction I have had in selling a home and we would be happy to have Alex take care of all of our real estate transactions!" - Sue E.

- "Alexander is the consummate professional! He knows the industry inside and out, and will help you every step of the way. I had a lot on my plate when I was looking to sell my beach condo, and move across the country. He did everything he could to help ease my stress level, and feel good about the process. Together, we made sure my place was the best it could be when it was time to list it, therefore it sold very quickly. I loved having him, and his amazing wife Amy who works behind the scenes, represent me. It's great having someone with a professional demeanor, and is also a pleasure to work with representing your home, - and that is definitely Alexander. I whole heartedly recommend him!" - Janet W.

- "We purchased our dream condo at La Jolla early this year. I have been lived in this place for three months, and whenever I think about how much I love this place, I become more and more appreciate Alexander's effort in helping me. Alexander is very patient, honest, caring and responsive. He is not only my agent but my trusted friend. Alexander has always been happy to take me to see any property I was interested in. He is a very considerate person, and he always thinks from my position regarding to which property fits my need best. The process of searching was extremely fun and efficient. During the viewing and decision process, he checked every details, did extensive research and gave me his honest opinions and never put pressure on me. For example, during the negotiation, he did an amazing job and his advices help me to get my favorite place in the BEST deal. Also, before we closed escrow, he visited the properties multiple times to help me checked all the details. I feel like he cares about the property even more than I do! I can't appreciate more about the effort he put in. Moreover, he is very professional and is well-connected the real estate in San Diego. This is my first time buying condo in the US and also the first time buying in my life. As a foreigner, I am not that familiar with the process and the market here, but Alexander always patiently and honestly explained all the details to me. He made the whole process so efficient and delightful. If I was not clear already, he is an amazing agent. I strongly recommend Alexander to anyone who is looking for properties in San Diego area! He is THE agent you want to have!!!" - Yi-Jou H.

- "I want to recommend a real estate agent in the San Diego, CA area, Alexander Pfleger. Alexander first came to my attention in 1988 as a co-worker, having recently arrived in San Diego from Ocean City, MD. As an independent agent for the last 15 years, Alex has demonstrated a hard work ethic, superior social skills required for realtor work, high ethical standards, and has continually improved his public speaking skills as a member of Toastmasters. I have been very impressed with how Alex has not only endured the cyclical nature of the housing market, but has shown continual success in his business, called “Direct Capital & Real Estate Investment”. His business is multi-faceted, and he enables his clients to take care of all of their real estate needs (purchases, refinancing, loans, debt consolidation) in one location. All of the above business skills and social traits allow Alex’s clients to relax, during one of the most stressful and most important times in their life – dealing with their home. During my purchase of my first home, I was extremely nervous after renting for 15 years. Alex clearly showed me all of my options, and closed escrow in a record 18 days. I received daily updates and instructions, and he took the extra time to answer all of my questions. Recently, I decided to sell my house, and entertained the idea of selling it myself. I am very glad I chose Alex’s company instead. Within the past four weeks, at least 100 people have seen and walked through my house due to Direct Capital’s advertising and open houses. On average, I receive 2 to 3 phone calls per day. I am truly impressed, as this is one of the toughest housing markets in history, and Alex is generating that level of interest in my house. I am happy to recommend him to you, and am confident that his work habits, social and public speaking skills, personality, and ethical standards will serve you well." - Brian A.

- "My girlfriend and I just bought our first condo a week ago. We were looking in the Pacific Beach and UTC area. We started this process a few months ago when we decided that this was the right time in our lives to buy our first place. We knew this was our goal, but we had no idea what the next steps were to make this a reality. After looking on Yelp, we saw very positive reviews for Alexander. The next day, I called him and explained our situation. I could tell he was really excited to work with us and help us find our first home! After doing some initial research of areas and condos on his site and doing some drive-bys, we were able to find a few places we wanted to view. Every time we needed to get a hold of Alexander, he was quick to respond and show us the properties, in some cases that same day. During the past few months of our search, we were able to get to know Alexander and he gave us honest insight into all of the places. I really cannot stress how important this was to us. He would tell us all of the pros and cons he saw with the places which really helped us make informed decisions. We could really tell he was looking out for our best interest, opposed to just trying to upsell us. Once we went into escrow he was super helpful through the whole process. He helped inspect the condo, even bringing his own ladder. He went above and beyond what we expected and if we had any concerns or questions he would help us find the answers fast and call us back right away. Alexander walked us through the whole process and made sure we had all of our paper work done in time. He did a fantastic job in making sure we were informed during the process and making sure our assets were protected. Alexander made this whole process smooth by being responsive, knowledgeable, and a genuinely nice person. You can easily tell that he is passionate in what he does and cares for his clients. We are glad we called him and would highly recommend him to all of our friends!" - Stephen A.

- "I am so grateful that Alexander was my realtor during the sale of my home. It was a stressful and complicated process as the sale was due to a divorce. Alexander was patient and took the time to communicate with me and my ex on every detail of the process. His work began much ahead of the sale in dealing with the attorneys and giving us council on how to prepare our home before putting on the market. He was a stickler for presentation and details and our MLS activation date was stalled as he wanted everything perfect. He even helped us wash our windows the day before his professional photographer came so we could get listed that week. Alexander came back himself to take dusk/night pictures. The pictures and marketing came out great! Our home sold for the top price in the neighborhood and yes, presentation is everything. I'm glad he stalled us until everything was just right as we were anxious to get on the market. He is a honest, ethical, and a knowledgeable realtor. When things got sticky between attorneys towards the end, Alexander took control and helped resolve the situation himself. He is highly recommended and I will use him when I am ready to purchase another home!" - Amy C.

- "Alexander is a wonderful realtor and a great person! He helped me found the home in UTC that I absolutely love! I started contacting him a year before I was able to look at properties seriously. But during that year, he has never treated me as if I am not important. Instead, we were able to stay in touch. Ultimately, I found a wonderful home because of him! Here are more reasons why I enjoyed working with him so much: 1) Alexander is extremely professional and he is very knowledgeable about the real estate market in San Diego. He knows what is the right price to buy a place. 2) He is extremely responsible and trustworthy. He always looks out for my best interest. When we look at a property, he will actively look around the house and let me know when he finds any problems. He is very honest with me about his opinions of the place. However, he is also very respectful of my own preferences and he never pushed me into a deal. 3) He is also an incredibly kind person! He went out of his way to help me during the entire closing process and even after the deal was done! He has never said no to me when I needed help. 4) He is very hardworking and extremely prompt in responding to emails or calls!" - Forrest L.

- “I cannot thank you enough ... so shooting for Infiniti! When we first spoke on July 4th I was in a "kind of thinking about it but it is really scary" place. And then I closed on the perfect home October 8th ! This would not have happened without you, Alexander. Your patience, kindness, expertise and intuition have all been appreciated. As well as your time and talent in guiding this adventure through the final details!” I share the above note I sent to Alexander as he helped me create something I did not believe I could. He went so far beyond what I could ever have expected from any advisor, I truly can’t imagine working with any other Realtor. " - Denise B.

- "If you are looking for someone you can trust like you trust the members in your family, Alexander is the man to trust with the sale of your home. Last year we not only bought a house through Alexander, which was a fantastic experience, but we also sold our beloved home through him. We moved from Pacific Beach to Clairemont. Alexander helped us find a great deal in Clairemont. We really wanted to stay in Pacific Beach because we like to be close to the beach but we needed more space. The home we bought in Clairemont is twice the size of our old house and only 3 miles further from the beach, and so much closer to everything else. It has been an amazing move for us! Our commutes to work got shorter too because we don't have to fight the traffic in and out of PB. We didn't think we would like it, but we love where we live now. As far as the sale of our house in Pacific Beach, Alexander inspected our house from top to bottom, told us what we needed to fix, what we could leave, and what would make it show best. He even did some little fixes himself once we handed it over to him, and he set it up by adding his lucky bamboo, flowers, and other little things to make it show better. He always went to the house early if it was going to be shown and made sure everything was working and looked good. He even fixed our yard fence one day when someone had vandalized it. He made everyone who looked at it feel special. I’m sure, because that’s always how he made us feel. He sold our house in 2 weeks! We couldn't believe it. Alexander is always willing to go that extra distance to make sure his customers are happy. He will take people to see the house on their schedule and do what he can to make your house look as promising as possible to prospective buyers. He is amazing!" - Kerrie F.

- "Having read his excellent reviews online, I contacted Alexander two years ago when I began considering a move to San Diego from Washington, DC. He contacted me quickly to find out my criteria for selecting a new residence and remained in touch in the intervening two years, emailing me properties to consider. Because he understood my priorities and needs, he was able to "think outside the box" and locate appropriate properties to show me after I finally arrived in San Diego in June. Incredible as it seems, I made an offer on a property we saw on our first day out together and he actively guided me through negotiations, leading up to my bid being accepted on the same day. He looked out for my interests all along the way, up to and even after settlement. He was diligent to keep me in the loop, despite difficulties in contacting me (I have a hard time using a new "smartphone.") He was able to help identify service people and, with his excellent taste in decorating, helped me to choose critical items, such as tile and paint colors! In addition to his professional skills, Alexander is very personable. A devoted father of three, he is kind, conscientious, and very pleasant to be around. If and when I have another real estate transaction or require financial advice, I will certainly contact Alexander. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a realtor in the San Diego area. " - Beverly B.

- "Alexander did a phenomenal job for me during the sale of my home. He personally ensured it looked its best for showing, and the result was a quick sale that was above my asking price. Additionally, his integrity is above reproach, and his advice about the market and buying clientele was spot on. He has my highest possible personal recommendation as a real estate agent." - Emmanuelle O.

- "My unit was less than two weeks from foreclosing and Alex was able to not only negotiate with the bank for a short sale, he was able to find a cash buyer in two days. He put more work than in cleaning the unit and selling it than even I was willing to do. He kept me up to date continually through the process and even went out of his way to meet all my needs as well as the banks and purchasing agents need to complete the transaction. I would recommend him to anyone because he provides the utmost service." - Patricia T.

- "My wife and I have worked with many realtors in the past, having purchased / owned 5 homes and have never experienced a realtor quite like Alexander. Professional, detail-oriented, personable, knowledgeable and so much more! Months before our previous home sold in the Park City area, he spent quite a bit of time with us, exchanging emails and helping us navigate the San Diego area and real estate market. Alexander had us create an account on his website, where we defined our real estate preferences, helping us refine our search and home selection. We were super impressed, however, once we finally made an offer on a home. I was out of the country with limited access to internet and phone when we made the offer on our new home. Alexander tirelessly worked directly with our mortgage and title company, to ensure all parties stayed on task while working within an extremely tight schedule. He also organized inspections and made sure our transition from Park City to San Diego went as smoothly as possible. Alexander went above and beyond - our mortgage broker even commented several times that he’s never seen a realtor work this hard for a client! We cannot stress just how much of a pleasure it was to have worked with Alexander and we look forward to working with him again!" Erin Q.

- "My family and I recently moved here in San Diego. I'm in the military serving for over 22 years now and about to retire in 2 years. My wife and I decided to buy a house. The problem was, who was going to be our agent. I needed an agent who has patient, proactive and most of all an agent who has our best interest in his or her heart. My daughter referred Alexander Pfleger. Alexander is a great agent and a human being. Here are the reasons why; He had our best interest in his heart. He found a house that met our needs, budget and we really love. He built a good rapport with the listing agent before presenting our offer and we were selected over 3 or 4 buyers. He found over $1000 of termite damage that the termite inspector failed to do. In addition, he made a strong fight for us to received credits from the Seller. Lastly, you can tell that Alexander is very sincere! Thank you Alex for your handwork and dedication." - Gary D.

- "Alexander was very professional and helpful for our first home purchase. He was persistent and always got things done on time. We were concerned about the crawl space under the property, and he took the initiative to explore the crawl space with a flashlight by himself! He even took pictures for us so we didn't have to crawl under. Alexander makes sure all his clients' concerns are addressed, and he is always available to answer your call." - Karen P.

- "Alexander found me a condo in the toughest market for buyers in history. Everything was selling within days, over asking price, and usually for all cash. Alexander stuck with me and eventually, we found the right condo in the right area for the right price. Under asking. He always goes that extra mile and will be as creative as you need him to be. Always calm, always courteous, I recommend Alexander highly. And, after all the work in the search, he also found me the perfect loan at a great rate!" - Steve P.

- "Being a first time buyer and stepping into the fray of a volatile, fast paced and competitive search for a home within my modest means, I was becoming disheartened. I had tried to establish a homebuying relationship with a couple agents, but didn't seem to be able to convey my wishes to stay near the coast and my willingness to be more creative and assertive in finding listings in my target area. After wading through so many listings within my price range but not my desired area, I started using key filter words in my search and that's how I found Alexander!! Like a magician, from the first conversation he really listened and he and his partner Amy seemed to be able to read my mind. More than once our emails crossed paths as we simultaneously honed in on exactly the same listing. He was creative and tireless when it comes to being flexible and willing to represent me in the more difficult complexities of the short sales and contingencies. When timing was of the essence, he was there to prepare my proposals offers and bids and when I did not prevail , he was there with encouragement. His negotiation abilities are exemplary and his ethics and respect for all in the family of realty and escrow is well noted . Bottom line - he helped me find a home, fulfill an unheard of speedy escrow with so many twists and turns it was like falling down the rabbit hole. And he did it with grace , humor and with my happy gratitude. Thank you Alexander and Amy !" - Jean P.

- "I have personally dealt with Alexander on 3 real estate transactions and give him my highest rating for professionalism and competence. He is detail oriented, smart and looks out for his clients. Having him involved was a tremendous benefit to me and I would refer his services with a clear conscience to anyone." - Steven S.

- "Hey Alex! Thank you for the many re fi's and guidance through the years, I am glad I listen to you because I still have my home when others do not. I look forward to when I need your services in the future. I know I can trust you." - Dennis L.

- "I worked with Alex as I was relocating from NJ to San Diego. He is one of the most knowledgeable and professional realtors I've dealt with, and he is just a pleasure to work with. He set me up with "Smart Search" listings so that I could be kept up to date with new listings coming on the market, and was always available and responsive to my needs. One of the most important professional characteristics for me is reliability, and I was very impressed that he was always available for calls, and how quickly he'd reply to my communications. I cannot say enough about what Alex did for us during a stressful relocation process, and I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the San Diego area." - Antonio S.

- "I was 1st drawn to Alexander's inviting, upscale website which indicated that the person behind it was web savvy and detail oriented. Well it turns out to be so after Alex called and emailed me immediately after viewing. He has the greatest personality which made it easy to communicate with him. He listened attentively to the displeasure of my current agent and my expectations of an agent and responded professionally, understanding loyalty. Caring enough about my 1st time buyer's dilemma, he still took the time to set up a search and went as far as to customize my search criteria which saved me hours from looking through properties just to see if there was a pool. No other site or even my agent is as detailed. He responds timely to questions with detailed information on properties and is very knowledgeable in his profession. I am certainly going to keep his number and highly recommend him as a MORE than qualified Real Estate Agent. Without my recommendation, you will know for yourself the 1st time you speak to him that he will be working for and with you to make your home buying experience a pleasurable one. I wish that I had met him first. Thank you Alex for showing me what I should expect from a great agent; You set the bar." - Samantha

- "My husband and I not being from San Diego we had limited resources when we began our house hunting process. We came across Alexander's website by mere chance and I am so thankful we did. Alexander did an outstanding job as our agent. Being first time buyers my husband and I had lots of questions/concerns about the home buying process. Alexander had great communication skills and always made time to thoroughly answer our questions even taking time out of his personal family time to assist us as needed. During our home buying process Alexander continued to go above and beyond keeping our best interest in mind and doing whatever he could to make sure we kept on schedule with our closing date. I highly recommend Alexander to any first time buyers or just anyone out there looking for an experienced, professional, and trustworthy agent. We had a great experience and couldn't have done it without a great agent." - Shelby K.

- "I'm a first time home-owner and Alexander helped make this process easy! He answered all my questions and is VERY knowlegeable! He's quick and aggressive when it comes to moving in on a sale. He will do the very best he can to make sure everything works in your best interest. I finally have my first home and I look forward to working with Alexander in the future. I think he's a great agent and have been recommending him to everyone I know! Thanks, Alex! You're the best!" - Courtney W.

- "I've had the pleasure of working with Alexander on a couple of properties. He is both knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with! Alexander patiently and proactively found the right property to purchase, and went above and beyond in handling the listing of another property. Through all of it, I always felt like Alexander's highest priority was that I made solid decisions, and that the outcome of those decisions accurately reflected my long-term goals. Thank you for everything Alexander!" - Anne-Laure S.

- "My husband and I felt so blessed that we ended up with Alexander Pfleger as our realtor. We did a lot of initial leg work ourselves and were reluctant to get involved in a professional relationship with the many pushy realtors that we encountered. He stuck with us through a pretty unconventional and long buying process and he maintained the same positive attitude from our first meeting to the last signature. He is professional, knowledgeable, and has a great working relationship with other realtors and sellers as well with you. We will absolutely contact Alexander with any future real estate business." -  Katie B.

- "I contacted Alexander around a year ago about buying my first home. Ever since then, he has been very prompt, passionate, patient and persistent. While I am waiting for my funds to get ready, he has never hesitated to answer any of my questions. He has stayed very enthusiastic throughout this long process. I feel very comfortable telling him my preferences. I know that he respects them and always gives me honest opinions. I am looking forward to buying my first home with him soon!" - Angela Z.

- "Alexander was the perfect agent for a first time home buyer. We did not know quite what we were looking for, and he was extremely patient with us teaching us everything to look for as we looked at homes. As we learned more about the real estate world we gained the confidence to be able to make the right choice in selecting our home. After we found the right home, Alexander was able to cover everything else for us mortgage wise. Alexander was very prompt in all responses to us and in putting together all needed documentation to close. Because of this, we were able to close in just over three weeks! I will be recommending Alexander to anyone looking for a home." - Zack L.

"We are young, first time home buyers and Alexander was beyond amazing! We trusted him completely during the whole process and he handled everything with such a great diligence and care. We were lucky and with his awesome knowledge of the San Diego market and of all the great neighborhoods, we found our dream home quickly. He was very honest with us, and wanted to make sure we found exactly what we wanted, no pressure and no stress. Due to my husband and my hectic schedules, he also took the time out of multiple days to conference with us over the phone when myself and my husband were not able to meet in person. He spent multiple hours with us over the phone going over homes and really fine tuned our search in order to find our perfect home. When the time came to start viewing homes, he was great about working around our crazy works schedules in order to see homes when it was convenient for us. He made the whole process stress-free (and believe me, I can get stressed out very easily). Alexander is also very easy to get a hold of and responds very quickly. I would highly recommend Alexander to anyone looking to buy! We trust him like our family and he is the best!" - Ashley

"I am very glad we chose Alexander as my agent for buying my new house in University City. I was doing a 1031 Exchange, which presents some challenges, but Alexander came through for us and went above and beyond my expectations. He is honest, knowledgeable, and competent, and was able to complete his mission of making sure we were “100% happy” with our purchase. He was always available to return our calls and messages, take us to see so many units and open houses, and provided us with an invaluable education on so many areas of the real estate business. He actually talked me out of a lot of potential purchases, foregoing an easy commision, and instead made sure that I got just what I needed. In a tough seller’s market, he was able find for me a great property, and we got it below the seller’s asking price while competing against other buyers. He was also able to secure a seller’s credit for needed repairs which were discovered during escrow, which saved the deal. What’s more, he kept in constant communication with the seller’s agent, 1031 facilitator, lender, escrow company, inspectors, and contractors during the entire process. We were in a time crunch to have escrow closed soon, and his coordination of events led to what was an almost impossibly short closing period. We also used his services to have the property marketed and filled quickly with great tenants, which really eased the burden for us. I will definitely use Alexander for any future real estate endeavors, and would happily recommend his services to anyone looking for a great agent who will put their needs above all else." - Mike F.


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