Transportation options in San Diego - San Diego is the eight-largest city in the US and it is located in South California close to the Mexican border. San Diego is the southernmost port in the US on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. This city is founded in 1867 not far away from the place where the Spanish established a mission in 1769. It is interesting to mention that the city was connected with the rest of the US in 1864. However, today transportation options in San Diego consist of a variety of road, sea, air and public transportation options.

Driving in San Diego - San Diego has one of the most developed infrastructures when it comes to roads. This goes not only for California, but also in the whole US too. The network of freeways is constantly upgraded in order to satisfy the needs of the commuters that come from all suburban areas like South Bay and North County. San Diego is the place where three interstates highways end. San Diego drivers are known for their good manners, so you won’t have much trouble driving a car here even if you are in San Diego for the first time. In order to avoid traffic jams people are using some popular radio stations where they can find traffic tips. One such radio station is AM 760 KFMB. A Real-Time Traffic Map can be found here.

Car rental - Big car rental companies are offering their services at all San Diego airports. They are offering shuttles that can pick the passengers in front of any of the terminals. You can find rental car offices in most of the popular hotels. The drivers are professional and you can expect to get at your desired location quickly and safely.

Public transportation - What many people like about San Diego transportation is the variety of public transportation options. People can practically choose from four different options – bus, trolley, Amtrak and Coaster. The buses are an inexpensive option and they can be found on all major roads. Of course, just like in many other places most of the bus stops are located in the central area of San Diego. Don’t be surprised if you have to wait for 60 minutes for the next bus especially if you are far from Downtown San Diego. On the other hand, trolleys are more frequent and depending on the location and desired destination you can expect them at the station every 5 to 30 minutes. However, trolleys are mostly used in the central part of the city. Those looking to reach more distant destinations should definitely check Amtrak and Coaster trains. With the help of these trains people can reach Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura and few other places in a very short period of time. The Old Town and Downtown are the two locations where Amtrak stations are located. For San Diego Amtrak in California go here. If you are interested in Coaster Fares and Passes go here.

Airports - There are practically three major airports in San Diego – San Diego International Airport, Brown Field Municipal Airport and Montgomery Field. However, San Diego International Airport is by far the largest and most used of all. In fact, this airport is the busiest airport with a single-runway in the United States. More than 18 million passengers use this airport every year.

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