Foreign visitors can take advantage of many resources available to them in San Diego. Many people live here including those who have traveled from other countries. There are nine Art Districts in and around San Diego, including La Jolla and Point Loma, offering a lot of culture and diversity.

Many visitors can enter the United States without a Visa for trips less than 90 days. View the list of countries here. Simply complete a travel authorization from the Department of Homeland Security. Travelers from Mexico and Bermuda must have a passport for entry into the U.S and citizens from Canada need to be able to prove both citizenship and identity.

Since San Diego is a port city, international visitors pass through on cruise ships. There are dozens of cruise ships using the Port of San Diego every year. However, the most popular method of getting to San Diego is the International Airport. This airport is also known as Lindbergh Field. Today more than 48,000 passengers use this airport daily.

Tourists or international buyers just arriving in San Diego can exchange currencies into U.S. dollars at many locations, including the San Diego Airport. Click here for a currency calculator.

Many like to take advantage of the “Compass Card” allowing them to get around easily using the bus, trolley, coaster, and sprinter. There are a variety of passes available here.

Port of San Diego

Little Italy art

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