Timing is Everything.  So much in life depends on being in the right place at the right time.  I tend to look at the positive and bright side of things.  We woke up one day and found ourselves quarantined at home.  The market plummeted and some bought stocks at the low and made healthy returns.  I am risk-averse to gambling.

Here is the big positive in these times. We have all been given a present from the fed. We also woke up to find the lowest interest rates in history. A true gift. Imagine waking up and for not doing anything at all you were able to save hundreds of dollars and or pay the same amount on your mortgage and reduce your term substantially or even one year. A year of mortgage payments can be thousands of dollars. This gift was not earned, we did not have to do anything. It is a gift and I am lucky enough to be in the business of helping people utilize this gift.

We have hit lows and timing is everything. One can never call or time the market and if we could we would all be rich.  On the other hand, I've been in this business since 1989 and I've seen people mass great fortunes through proper real estate investing and financing.

Where else can one use other people's money and do so well over the long term?  Real estate has always appreciated over the long term. The use of leverage (financing) with such a small amount out of pocket, considering the size of the investment, is amazing. Now is the time to take a look at your mortgage and debts and make some smart decisions.

Below are examples of smart decisions made by my mortgage clients recently:  

Closed a refinance where my client went from a 30 year down to a 20 year and is paying a bit more each month but the interest savings over the term he is saving is substantial. This client paid to buy down the rate with 1.5 points. It made sense for him. He is a Chief Financial officer at a large company. He is well aware that he can write off the points. His focus was not on lower payments but on saving the total interest of the term.  

Closed a refinance for a client you just refinanced back in October of 2019. It made sense as they saved a few hundred dollars more. I was able to put him in a 29-year loan so that he did not have to start over at 30.

I successfully closed a refinance where my client only had 13 years left on the mortgage. We refinanced at a lower rate and brought them down to a 12-year mortgage. It made sense even with the closing costs.

I successfully closed on a refinance where we consolidated a car loan and other credit card debt saving my client $875 a month.

I successfully closed a refinance on a purchase loan where my client was able to take advantage of a 29-year special.  I can do a loan term anywhere from 8 to 30 years.

If you do not own real estate, now is the time to take advantage of these rates. I have told my clients that you don't have to live in the home to get in the game. You could buy a property and rent it out and still rent where you want.  

Take advantage of this gift and the time in the current market while you can. As they say, "Today is a gift"!

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