Have you heard of The Magic Castle in Los Angeles? A family friend who lives in Playa Del Rey promised to try to score us tickets to this private, invite-only club. Months later we were gifted VIP tickets to attend The Magic Castle. Weekdays and evenings are reserved for adults only, however, families can attend brunch on the weekends. The only weekday available was a Monday, which was inconvenient for us. We opted for making reservations for Sunday brunch with family and friends.

The valet was ready for us as we pulled up to the legendary castle. There was a line to get in as the attendant briefs each party on what to expect. The dress code is strictly enforced and anyone not adhering to the code will be denied entrance. My daughter had to check in her coat and was told by the valet to change her shoes. Ironically, once we were admitted we noticed another young girl with the same shoes my daughter was told to change. Also, be prepared to take pictures outside and in the lobby as taking pictures is not permitted inside the club.

We finally entered the exclusive club and truthfully it was not what we were expecting. There was a bartender available as we entered, we were given the schedule of magic shows, and directed on where to go. The staff told us to get in line early for the shows as they tend to fill up. We expected magicians to be walking around everywhere doing tricks. Although, this wasn't the case we had a terrific time and the kids loved it.

The first show we attended was a children's magic show. Our kids sat in the front row and laughed at everything Tricky Tim the Magician did. The tricks were funny and intriguing. Our brunch reservation was later in the day, so we had plenty of time to see another show. The magicians, both professional and amateur, were passionate about their craft.

Our friend's young son was getting hungry so we asked for an earlier brunch reservation. Surprisingly, we were given an earlier time slot. The buffet-style brunch is $45 per person and includes prime rib, crab legs, smoked salmon, eggs benedict, shrimp cocktail, pastries, chicken nuggets, an omelet station, unlimited mimosas, ice cream, and more. After brunch, they gave us each a ticket for a special magic show. Last but not least, Irma the invisible piano player was a big hit. She takes musical requests. My oldest son asked her to play his favorite song "Blue Sky."

If you are interested in visiting The Magic Castle I have a few suggestions on how to get an invite. First, when booking a room for The Magic Castle hotel ask them to also book your visit to The Magic Castle. Second, meet people, ask around, visit magic stores in Los Angeles, anywhere you might meet a magician who may feel inclined to give you a ticket.

For more information visit magiccastle.com.