The Hotel Del Coronado brings back great memories for me as I was a waiter there while getting my bachelor's in Real Estate and Finance years ago. Guests can enjoy perfect views of the ocean and don't soon forget the caged elevator with a very friendly operator. This beautiful Victorian hotel is situated on 28 pristine oceanfront acres. Enjoy several restaurants and bars including the Babcock & Story Bar, Crown Room Brunch, Sheerwater, Sun Deck, Eno, Sunset Bar, and a few others like the Splash Bar & Deli. This year the hotel celebrates it's 130th anniversary and has had many famous guests like Frank Sinatra, Charlie Chaplin, and John Wayne to name a few. A couple of movies were filmed at the Del as well. The most requested room #3327 is said to have a ghost because a guest by the name of Kate Morgan was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound in 1892. In the gift shop area inside guests will find historical photographs and learn more about the hotels' past. The below pictures were captured this month (February 2018) on a day off of school with the kids. For more information on The Hotel Del Coronado click here.

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Hotel Del Coronado