Have you ever really wanted to impress your special guests, but ended up driving around to 5 different stores settling for second best? I know I have more than once.

When I walked into the entrance of Siesel's in Bay Park, with two kids in tow, the first thing I saw was Jullian apple pies. I knew I was right where I needed to be. The fish section was right in front, which worked for me because I was preparing to make beer battered fish tacos for our guests that night. The last time I attempted to make fish tacos, with fish purchased from a different store, the fish fell apart. Thankfully dinner was a huge success.

There are so many options to make the perfect meal. They offer the best meats, many types of fish, side dishes, desserts, and appetizers. If you need ideas, Siesel's has a large selection of food like corned beef, sausages, chicken wings, steaks, port chops, carne asada, kabobs, and bacon.

In addition, they have an excellent deli menu for sandwiches including BBQ Pork, veggie, club, ruby, Reuben, and roast beef. Just grab and go. Also, take-home soups, sides, chips, and drinks. Make sure to check out the cheeses, dips, Julian pies, and specialty ice creams. Siesel's can satisfy the pickiest eaters. Visit their website www.bestmeatssandiego.com for more information.

You love Seisel's so much it needs to be close, like within 10 minutes from your home. Driving from across town, sitting in traffic, your guests make it to your house before you do. Time to make this your new hood. View homes for sale in Bay Park.

Entrance to Siesel's Old Fashioned Meats

Entrance to Siesel's

Meat and bread

Kabob's and marinated meats

Prepared meat to BBQ for tacos

Fish and side dishes

Variety of cheeses

Side dishes like pasta salad

Jullian Apple Pies

Selection of wine