Pacific Beach, San Diego - Pacific Beach is one of the most popular neighborhoods in San Diego. This place is also the first choice of many travelers who want to stay in San Diego for a while. Many tourists from all over the US and abroad are spending their vacations in Pacific Beach. This is the area where you will find all the best things about San Diego in one place. What makes Pacific Beach great is the fact that people of all ages can find interesting activities and enjoy the time spent there. It is also worth mentioning that the weather there is excellent and the shoreline is one of the most beautiful ones in the state of California. Now let’s point out some of the things that you can do and see while you are there.

The Beach - Of course, this is the most attractive part of this area. The beach itself is several miles long and wide enough to be used by hundreds of people. There are numerous water activities that you can do here like surf, swim, kayak, and body board. Bicyclists, skaters, walkers, and joggers enjoy the boardwalk year round.

Shopping - What makes this place even more attractive is the district filled with some really interesting boutiques. This shopping area is offering various products – from well-known designer brands to handmade products. One such store is Pangaea Outpost which has clothing, jewelry, kids toys, crystals, and exotic imports from around the world. In addition to the traditional clothing stores, there are some excellent electronics stores and the inevitable surf equipment stores.

The Pacific Beach State park - This is one of the most famous beach parks in the United States. The park is situated next to the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean. Just behind the park is the downtown area. Of course, you can always use some hotels and vacation rentals close to this park, but the experience that camping in this State Park provides is something really unique. The beach is some 0.25 miles from the campground where you can choose to stay in a tent or use a RV.

The boardwalk - The boardwalk also known as the Ocean Boulevard or Ocean Front Walk is about 3 miles long and it connects Pacific Beach with Mission Beach. This is a really interesting boardwalk that will surprise you with the beautiful scenery with every step you take. Many people use bikes or beach cruisers to explore this path. This is also the place where many young people from San Diego use their rollerblades and skates.

Surfing - Pacific Beach is a popular spot for surfers. This is especially true for the specially designed Tourmaline Surf Park located in the north part of Pacific beach. From this place you can easily reach La Jolla and Crystal Pier too. Most of the local surfers are practicing this activity here and this place attracts surfers from the surrounding area too. This surf park is also the place where many parties and social events take place. For a Tourmaline Surf Forcast click here.

The north-south streets are unique in that they are in alphabetical order: Bayard, Cass, Dawes, Everts, Fanuel, Gresham, Haines, Ingraham, Jewell, Kendall, Lamont, Morrell, Noyes, Olney, and Pendleton. The east-west streets are recognized for being named after stones: Turquoise, Sappire, Tourmaline, Opal, Loring, Wilbur, Beryl, Law, Chalcedony, Missouri, Diamond, Emerald, Felspar, Garnet, Hornblend, Grand, Thomas, Reed, Oliver, and Pacific Beach Drive.

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