Many college students find their way to San Diego, considering it is home to many universities. Some of the well-known schools are University of California, University of San Diego, and San Diego State University. The San Diego Public Central Library downtown is one of the best places to study on your own or for a group discussion. It is worth mentioning the study rooms are for San Diego residents only. Parking is free with two-hour validation in the attached parking garage.

Below is a list of amenities offered:

1. Free two-hour parking
2. Store for used books
3. Gift shop
4. Children's area with nursing rooms
5. Teen section with a snack bar and full game room
6. Large chess game on first floor
7. Several large tables, near windows, with electrical outlets
8. Nine floors lined with books
9. Computers on the ninth floor
10. Rooftop courtyard
11. Kassianna The Living Room coffee bar out front

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San Diego Public Central Library