We all need to take time to stay present, enjoy our surroundings, and connect with nature. One of the most beautiful and calm settings in Encinitas is the Meditation Gardens at The Self-Realization Fellowship. As I walked into the garden, greeted by a friendly security guard, the breeze coupled with the sun made me feel at peace.

Each path leads to a different tranquil backdrop. Thankfully, the day I toured the grounds there were very few visitors. Guests spent their time engrossed in books, focused on journaling, quietly meditating, or gazing at the crashing waves.

Meditation is widely known as an effective method to get centered. With the large to-do lists, responsibilities, and inevitable life changes we all need to find time to breathe and be mindful. According to Mindworks.org the definition of meditation is taking charge of the mind and being able to concentrate on one thing. Many of life's circumstances are out of our control; through meditation, we all can gain greater control over our actions when situations arise.

The Meditation Gardens provide a safe, quiet, and serene place to take a moment to relax and find comfort in just being. To get more information about activities and directions visit encinitastemple.org.

10 Highlights of the Meditation Gardens in Encinitas, San Diego:
  • Colorful flowers
  • Clean and serene koi ponds
  • Many green plants
  • Sounds and view of the Pacific Ocean
  • Private spots with benches
  • Quiet setting for reflecting
  • Clean restrooms
  • Near the Encinitas Temple
  • Walkability to Swami's beach and the town of Encinitas
  • Close to restaurants, cafes, and stores
The Encinitas Temple is beautiful and close to the gardens. Enjoy inspirational lecture services, Sunday School and Teen classes, and other helpful activities to deepen spiritual practices. There are services and events offered seven days a week, including energization exercises, study groups, and inspirational services.

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White bench to sit and enjoy the view

Beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean

Path to walk and enjoy the ocean air

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Beautiful ocean view seen from within the gardens

Stairway to the gardens

Peaceful spot to meditate

Koi pond in the gardens

Gate to blocked off area

House blocked by a fence

Part of the Self-Realization Temple grounds

Self-Realization Fellowship Sign

Welcome sign to the Self-Realization Fellowship Meditation Gardens