San Diego is full of special places and hidden gems, such as the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge and Harper’s Topiary Garden. The Spruce Street foodbridge is over 100 years old, 75 feet above the canyon, and 375 feet long. Enjoy a leisurely walk surrounded by nature in the middle of this upscale neighborhood of Bankers Hill. The bridge does sway a little as you reach the middle and it is high above the ground. Find homes for sale in Bankers HIll here.

The Harper’s Topiary Garden is a beautiful stop in Mission Hills with trimmed and sculpted Cape Honeysuckle. Find whimsical characters like elephants, a rooster, a bunny, and shamu. Edna Harper and her husband are responsible for this wonderful garden. A full time gardener brings to life Edna's ideas in this landscape wonderland. Find homes for sale in Mission Hills here.

Spruce Street Suspension Bridge

Beautiful view from a bridge in San Diego

San Diego footbridge

Suspension Bridge in Bankers Hill

Hidden Gem in San Diego

View of Canyon in San Diego

Canyon in Bankers Hill

Spruce Street in Bankers Hill

Bankers Hill in San Diego

Footbridge in San Diego

Enjoy nature on bridge in San Diego

Suspension footbridge in San DIego

Edna Scissorhands Garden in San Diego

Harper’s Topiary Garden in Mission Hills

Trimmed and sculpted Cape Honeysuckle

Topiary Garden in San Diego